Welcome to Carlisle

If you’re planning a short-stay or long-stay in Carlisle during August, we’ve listed a few helpful tips to help you navigate your way through the city.

Getting Here

Whether you are travelling by rail, air, coach or by car, Carlisle Is very accessible. You can view all travel links by clicking here.

Staying Here

There’s plenty of choice for accommodation, whether you’re looking for a quiet rural cottage on the outskirts of the city, or if you’re here to wet your lips and soak in some of the city’s bustling night life and festival atmosphere, you can find all the best deals by click here.

You’ve arrived!

Don’t know your way around Carlisle? Our Festival map is easy to navigate, and points you in all the right directions.
You can also view a city map here for those looking to explore the city and enjoy some of the cities historical sites, or do a bit of shopping.

Food and Drink

The city has a taste for diversity, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. You can browse the best local venues and restaurants by clicking here.