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1 September 2018

Deep in the north south of a country, there lies a quaint, every day town. The sun rises in the east and sets in the east.

However, the normalities of mundane life here are at risk, in the midst of this abnormal community, there’s an unnerving feeling that an epidemic is brewing… A seriously strange sketch comedy where we invite you to get your bus pass ready for a whistle stop tour of Carpet Town. Experience a variety of characters, bordering on absurdity, as they seek to find out; what’s going down-under Carpet Town?

Full Pelt Theatre is a graduate company from East 15 Acting School’s BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course, and were winners of the BA Graduate Award 2016. They combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create an exciting new brand of dynamic theatre, with the aim of attracting new audience members.

Full Pelt Theatre is primarily a physical theatre company and hopes to create work that inspires others to make theatre influenced by their fresh and exciting style. They want to develop relatable characters and stories that will provoke discussion amongst its viewers. The best type of theatre, they believe, is theatre that gets people talking.

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